How I can help

Here are some of the most common student questions! The Savvy Scholar has designed a framework to help your family identify “best fit colleges” for your student while staying within your family budget. The “Get Help” button brings you several different options that can be customized for you. I offer assistance with every step of your journey from identifying careers through college acceptance.



  • Career/major exploration
    • IMAGE assessment
    • Motivational report
    • Career profile report
    • Research
  • Identify “best fit” colleges
    • Academic factors
    • Social factors
    • Physical factors
    • Financial factors
  • Understand acceptance criteria:
    • Grades
    • Application process
    • Interview
    • Overall compatibility
  • Analyze affordability factors:
    • Merit scholarships
    • Financial aid (FAFSA)
    • Student loans



  • Reduce family stress
  • Find a “best fit” college within family budget
  • Gain confidence before college starts
  • Maximize opportunities for success
  • Understand costs & budgeting
  • Save money
  • Save time

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