The IMAGE assessment tool is used to identify a unique pattern of motivations that intrinsically reside within the student.  These motivations interact in unique patterns to guide the way they respond to people, situations and problems in the world.  I will call the student to discuss the format of the assessment and answer any questions that they might have about the process before granting them access to the online assessment.

To complete the assessment, they must answer 91 questions in an online format.  It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.  Two reports are generated by the results of the assessment:  the Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide and Evaluation (IMAGE) which identifies their intrinsic motivations, and the IMAGE Career Compatibility Profile (ICCP) which correlates their IMAGE results and patterns to the motivational makeups identified as finding the greatest fulfillment in various occupations.

As a Certified IMAGE Coach, I am trained to analyze the report results.  I will then set up a video meeting to discuss the results and answer questions.

Follow these steps to take the IMAGE assessment:

1. Contact me with the student’s name and email address to get the process started.   


2. Purchase the IMAGE assessment using Paypal.  

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3. I will email the student the instructions, userid and password for the assessment.

4. Click here to take the assessment. 

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