Higher education opens doors and possibilities.  It unleashes future potential for our children.  Is it simple to get into college these days?  Well, it depends where you want to go.  Is there only one “perfect” college for every student?  No, definitely not!

What makes a person happy in life?  Tough question, yes?  It has been proven that individuals are happier when working in a career that motivates them and supports their values and goals.  As I work with your family through this process, I value the relationship we will develop as I learn more about your student and help them focus on understanding their motivations, values and goals to help them develop a customized plan for college.

My goal as founder of The Savvy Scholar is to help families find a college that provides good future opportunities for their child, while fitting within their established family budget.   Confusing and contradictory data can make this process seem overwhelming to many families.  The financial aid process in itself is often confusing and downright misleading.

I want to take the pressure off your family and help you navigate through the college process with confidence and clarity.  Understanding what your child needs and making smart decisions throughout the college planning process will simplify the process and maximize their opportunities for a successful college experience.

Let’s find a college and career that can motivate your child to do their best and position them to enjoy their future!

Best wishes,


Gayle and boys in VT

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